Latest Episodes s06 E5

Your primer on Bitcoin…

Ordinals, an innovative and divisive new project has brought NFTs to Bitcoin. Coined as “Digital…

s06 E7

The future of gaming…

We speak with Karel Vuong, COO and cofounder of Treasure, the #1 marketplace for gaming…


Series Six

In this series, we dive deeper into defi, NFTs, regulation, web3 gaming and social media, plus a look at some of the new emerging technologies coming to the space.

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Best of Series Five s05 E01

Poker in the Metaverse:…

In this episode, we speak to Miles Anthony, founder of Decentral Games – the creator…

s05 E02

Farming as a Service:…

We talk to FoodFarmer, the founder of Food Farmer Finance, about his “farming-as-a-service” platform. The…

s05 E03

Building a web3 ecosystem…

I speak with the founder of Metagoons, a web3 incubator that combines the play-to-earn guild…


Series Five

In this series, we dive deep into the world of decentralized finance, NFTs, play-to-earn gaming, and the wider metaverse. Expect interviews with the people, projects, and protocols shaping the future of web3.

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s05 E41
The multi-platinum music producer bringing web3 music the masses
s05 E34
The Merge Explained: The What, Why, and How (and what we can expect)
s05 E31
The web3 project that bought an English Football Club with plans of taking them to the Premier League.
s05 E29
How Endstate’s NFT-paired sneakers are bridging the gap between physical and digital products
s05 E16
Genopets: combining move-to-earn tokenomics with the nostalgia of 90’s Tamagochi pets
s05 E27
How BNB Chain’s investment director is planning on deploying their $1bn+ ecosystem fund
s05 E14
Building the communication protocol for web3 with Shane Mac from XMTP
s05 E12
Crabada: the game responsible for over 60% of Avalanche transactions
s05 E10
The tokenomics and game mechanics behind Monster Champions
s05 E08
Creating Hard Yield: How the Jones DAO team are leading innovation in DeFi
s05 E09
Everything you need to know about crypto taxes in 2022 with Shehan Chandrasekera
s05 E07
Move & Earn: Why STEPN is paying people as much as $100+ per day to go for a short walk
s05 E06
How Metasoccer is creating Football Manager for the blockchain
s05 E05
Nat Eliason on building Crypto Raiders and making the jump from web2 to web3
s05 E04
Fabriclord on creating a social network for the metaverse
s05 E03
Building a web3 ecosystem incubator with DJ from Metagoons
s05 E02
Farming as a Service: a hands-off approach to yield farming
s05 E01
Poker in the Metaverse: How Decentral Games are building web3 poker inside Decentraland
Best of Series Four s04 E10

Lonely Libra’s Lost its…

After the mass exodus at the Libra Association, we discuss the implications and significance of…

s04 E09

Quantum Computing and its…

We look at how the advances in quantum computing could impact the technology we use…

s04 E08

Taylor Monahan on Why…

We speak with the CEO of MyCrypto, Taylor Monahan, about DApps, design and security in…

Best of Series Three s03 E07

Mass Layoffs in the…

We’ve had price rises and price lows, an influx of ICOs and a wave of…

s03 E06

The Giants of Tech…

The giants of tech are making their move on the blockchain space. Amazon launches their…

s03 E05

Money Mayweather, DJ Khaled…

The SEC is cracking down on “influencer” promoting securities, GDPR might be a big hurdle…

Best of Series Two s02 E18

Coinbase Growth Concerns, Fidelity’s…

Coinbase has seen an 80% dip in active users since late 2017, Fidelity Investments has…

s02 E17

Taking Back Ownership of…

We speak with Edmund John, founder of SelfKey about how he’s on a mission to…

s02 E16

ASIC Mining: a Contributor…

Coinbase has opened the floodgates for all kinds of cryptocurrencies to be listed on their…

Best of Series One s01 E09

The Case Against Bitcoin

There are a lot of rational and valid arguments against the current state of Bitcoin….

s01 E08

What is Ethereum?

The second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is very different from the largest, Bitcoin. But why? Within this…

s01 E07

Transferring and Storing Cryptocurrency

Making your first ever transaction can be a little daunting. This episode will walk through…


Series One

In the first series of The Decrypting Crypto Podcast, hosts Austin Knight and Matthew Howells-Barby take you on a journey through the complex and confusing world of cryptocurrencies. From learning exactly what a cryptocurrency is, and actually buying your first crypto, all the way through to understanding what smart contracts are and how blockchain technology can be applied to a range of different industries and applications.

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