In this episode, we do a deep dive discussion into The Merge. We break everything down so that you can understand the following

  • What is The Merge?
  • The environmental benefits of The Merge.
  • The economic benefits of The Merge.
  • What won’t get better post-Merge?
  • What happens to staked ETH post-Merge?
  • Do you need to do anything if you hold ETH pre-Merge?
  • What’s next after The Merge?

We then discuss the following questions:

  • Is The Merge short and/or long term bullish for Ethereum?
  • Does this put more pressure on Bitcoin to transition to an energy-efficient consensus mechanism in the future?
  • Could this lead to the eventual flippening of ETH/BTC?
  • The Merge addresses a lot of things, but it still doesn’t address the issue of decentralization and governance. PoS means that those with the deepest pockets have the largest say in the future of the network, and benefit the greatest from it. Is this acceptable over the long term?